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Introducing Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfilment

Leverage Amazon’s fulfllment network to power your company’s growth beyond with MCF, a third-party logistics (3PL) fulfilment solution. With MCF, you can deliver your customer orders on time, every time, through any ecommerce channel.

Trusted Partner of Amazon

3PLGuys is proud to announce their partnership with Amazon as part of the Seller Central Partner Network.

Use your pooled inventory to fulfill orders from your other channels including your own website on Amazon

Best-in-class delivery performance

Ensure a first-class customer experience with a 97% on-time delivery rate with deliveries made 7 days a week, rain or shine.

Reduced operating costs

Boost your bottom line with simple, predictable pricing for fulfilment and storage and up to 50% discounts on multi-unit orders.

Inventory optimization

Consolidate your inventory into one pool that you can use to fulfil both on-Amazon orders (with FBA) and off-Amazon orders (with MCF).

Manage your FBA business on the go

We built a mobile app for you to enable easy management of your inventory and amazon seller central shipments, wherever you go.

  • Available for iOS & Android
  • Free access after on-boarding
  • Place SPD and LTL shipments directly from your phone
  • Real Time Push Notifications
  • Manage Amazon Seller Central Account
  • Manage shipments

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