3PL GUYS Shipping Instructions
Shipping address:
(Your name)
15345 Illinois Ave
Paramount, CA 90723
Ph: (213) 986-5256

*You must include your name on the shipping address to us otherwise we will not be able to quickly identify your goods against the work order & who the customs bill belongs to (if any)
when it comes to us.

Important instructions:

1. Please provide the following to us: the shipping tracking numbers or shipping details when you have them.


2. If you require Amazon FNSKU labeling, email us a .pdf with the SKU labels in 30 per sheet format on 8 1/2 x 11” size (this is a standard default size to select and can be generated as part of the steps as you prepare the shipment to send to Amazon). It is a good idea for us to label vs. Amazon doing it as it gets your goods into inventory that much faster.


3. If you require us to pack your products into polybags or boxes, insert items such as postcards, affix packaging labels, label or bundle the product, apply suffocation warning labels etc. to make it a complete sellable product for Amazon or Ecommerce Fulfillment, please contact us for an assessment of costs. For example Amazon charges $1.40 for poly bagging a product, we charge no-where near that!


4. Once your job is complete, we will send you box dimensions, weights and units per box so you can enter these into Amazon seller central (Manage FBA Inventory section) and generate shipping labels and send them to us as .pdf files. We will then apply them to the boxes and get them shipped out right away. If you have not done this before the following video will step you through the process:

Note: If you make a mistake, you have only 24 hours to cancel the shipment (if overseas maybe shorter) as Amazon’s servers may be on a different time zone than you!

This other video shows you how to do LTL (pallet shipments.)

Note: the exact syntax*, which Amazon systems will accept as a “ship from” address, when you are shipping goods out to Amazon from us, is:

15345 Illinois Ave
Paramount, CA 90723

* Syntax: (computer definition) The grammatical rules and structural patterns governing the ordered use of appropriate words and symbols for issuing commands, writing code, etc., in a particular software application or programming language.


5. We will email you a Wave invoice when the shipment has been processed according to your work order and ready to go out the door. This Wave invoice has a built in option to pay by credit or debit card and will accept overseas cards. (Click on the green “pay now” button at the top of the electronic version of your invoice) For US customers, or those who have an US Bank Account, you can also pay by direct deposit via the Wave invoice if more convenient and cheaper for you. Bank details are available upon request for wire transfers if needed. We have made payments to us quick and easy for you to do.


6. If Customs Duty & Fees are not paid by the supplier as part of your shipping arrangements with them, the major airfreight carriers such as Fedex, DHL & UPS bill us, and we pay the bill and bill you for reimbursement for a small $16 admin fee for processing it. If you can get the supplier to bill you direct – great, but some do not have shipping accounts with the major carriers and use shipping agents, and cannot do that. However, note that for sea shipments customs duties are done via the freight company you are using. Please realize that 3PL GUYS is NOT the importer of record of your goods because of course these are YOUR goods, and if importation services are required, 3PL GUYS. can make recommendations for companies that can assist with this process which we have successful working relationships with. Please note customs clearance arrangements must be made separately.


7. Sometimes the goods need to be repacked when they arrive. This depends on if the boxes arrive in decent enough condition to use again and if the boxes are not too heavy for Amazon to handle. They also only accept packages with 150 units in each and like to keep them under 50lb (22.5kg) so they do not require heavy package labels. We try to keep the same boxes they were shipped in, but where they fall outside these parameters we have to repack into smaller boxes for Amazon to accept them and for the contents to arrive in good sellable condition.


Our Service Agreement to You:

We will keep you updated if there are any unforeseen delays, however most shipments can be handled in 1-3 business days from receipt of goods at our address depending on tasks to be performed.

All information on our clients and what products they are selling is kept strictly confidential and is not shared with anyone outside the company or within the on-line selling community. By sending us your work order you agree to our terms and conditions.


How to Generate barcode labels for your products at Amazon U.S.

1. Login to your seller Central account and select Inventory -> Manage Inventory


2. Select the product you are printing labels for and click the “Action on 1 selected” Option.



3. Select “Print item labels”




4. Print the labels to a .pdf file – what we require is the option shown above which is 30 labels 1” x 2 5/8” laid out on US Letter format.


5. Email us the PDF files with the barcodes laid out in the 30 per page format.


6. We will then print the labels here on label template paper (included in your 20c per unit cost) and put them on your individual product packaging.

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