Storage charge

$30.00 a month per full pallet
$15.00 a month per half pallet

No long-term storage fees or hidden charges.

Standard Receiving, Inspection & Forwarding – $0.35/unit

Service: Receiving, product count, handling, inspection of your goods for damage, photos, sample testing, & forwarding. Please contact us if you require extensive examination of every product.

*This does not include shipping costs from 3PL Guys to Amazon via UPS. You will generate shipping labels with the send/replenish inventory tool on amazon Seller Central and forward them to us in a .PDF file. Once sent, we will be able to print and apply them to your instructions.

Amazon charges about $0.40 – $0.80 per pound for shipping to their distribution centers.


No inspection

$4.00 per box 1-40
$3.00 per box 40 or more

Service: Receipt and forwarding of un-inspected boxes to Amazon. We provide you
with the weight and dimensions of the boxes so you can generate your labels through
your Seller Central account, and we will forward them.

Large loose (SPD) Receiving:

For large loose carton receiving please contact us for Pricing

Overseas inspection

For pricing please contact us for an accurate rate.


For pricing please contact us for an accurate rate.

Order Processing

Pick and Pack: Per order $2.00 to $4.50 + $.25 to $1.00 per item in
*Based on volume and scope of services

International Order Processing: $6.50 each order
Return / Restocking Fee: $5.00 per Return / Item Re-stocked
Rush order: $20.00 Each Order, received after 3:30 PM PST that needs
to go out same day

Labeling – $0.20 per unit.

Service: Attaching FNSKU or Suffocation labels. Price of labels is included in the unit
price. Custom labels can be applied, supplied by you.

*Amazon charges the same price, however our turnaround rate is faster. On your
second shipment to Amazon without any barcodes or suffocation warnings they charge
$0.40 per unit.

Re-boxing your product – $5.00 per box

Service: If you need to split your shipment to reduce the number of units in a box,
reduce the weight of each box, or to replace damaged shipping box.

*Amazon does not accept shipments of more than 150 units per box or any box over
50 pounds.

Product assembly – $0.20

Service: Packing in customer supplied polybags or bubble mailers. Please contact us if
your job will have several steps, for an individualized quote.

Building Flat Packed Product Boxes per Amazon Requirements – $0.25

Service: Attaching label and performing the 3 foot drop test, required by Amazon.

Bundling – $0.21 per bundle

Service: You will provide bundling material you wish to use to assemble your product
bundle. We can also order these items for you, according to your specifications. Please
contact us if it is a more complicated job, we will give you a more individualized quote.

Promotional Inserts – $0.10 per insert

Service: Inserts of flyers, postcards, or promotional items. Provided by you.

Receiving inventory back from FBA – Contact for Information

Service: Counting, sorting, and consolidating your goods on pallets. Providing a report
on the condition of the returned items.

*Please remember your inventory will have been distributed all over Amazons FBA
centers across the US. It will be sent back in bits and pieces from those locations. Our
team will have to open all boxes with varying amounts of products in them, which will
take a bit of work. When you decide to send these goods back to Amazon our reboxing
fee will apply. If you will need further inspections our normal inspection fee will
apply as well.

Pallet Receiving Fee: $15/Pallet

LTL (Less Than Truckload) Pallet Shipping 

Amazon accepted pallets built from inventory –  $25.00/pallet.

If goods arrive at our facility already on pallets – $15/pallet

Services include:shrink wrapping the pallet, labeling and insuring it does not exceed weight or dimensional limits per Amazon’s requirements.
(40” x 48” x 72” high pallet – max weight 1500 lbs.)

Container Unloading

Please Contact us for pricing.

Payment Terms

Invoices are due immediately upon receipt. Once we receive payment we will ship your
goods to Amazon. We appreciate you want to get your goods to Amazon quickly so
whenever possible we will provide the invoice as soon as we know what the final
amount will be upon completion of your work order.

Amazon Prices

Job First Charge All Subsequent Times
Missing barcode label $0.20 $0.40
Other label required $0.20 $0.40
Poly bag required $0.70 $1.40
Bubble wrap required $1.00 $2.00
Opaque poly bag required $1.20 $2.40
Taping required $0.20 $0.40

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