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3PLGuys is proud to announce their partnership with Amazon as part of the Solution Provider Network.


Amazon has packaging and prep requirements for products being shipped and stored in FBA centers. Properly packaging and preparing units helps to reduce delays in getting your products in. 3PL Guys are experts in Amazon-compliance, ensuring that your products will not be rejected.


While most companies, including Amazon have ever-changing charges for FBA storage, 3PL Guys offers a flat rate. No hidden fees and no long-term charges.


3PL Guys knows the old saying; “a picture is worth a thousand words.” That is why we provide our clients with pictures documenting our entire process, from receiving your products to sending them out to FBA centers.

China Inspection

We can help you with in-production inspection, pre-shipment inspection, container loading supervision, a factory audit, and a social accountability audit. 3PL Guys can help you ensure your products are always up to your standards before they arrive to Amazon.

U.S. Inspection

We all want your products to meet Amazon standards, but we also want your products to meet YOUR standards. Our team takes multiple steps in making sure your product expectations are met.

Air Freight

When you need your products in stock at an FBA center fast, air freight is the way to go! 3PL Guys can help you figure out which Freight option is the best fit for you.

Sea Freight

Shipping by sea is one of the easiest ways to scale your FBA business. Sea freight is the number one choice among Amazon sellers. With over 10 years of logistics expertise 3PL Guys will assist you with finding the most affordable choice. Let us do the heavy lifting.


Let 3PLGUYS handle your Amazon FCL Drayage transportation needs from Long Beach Port. If the destination is not local, we will assist with transloading, which is common for Amazon shipments.

Customs Clearance

Having your shipment entering the US customs system can be confusing and intimidating. We can handle the inbound process of your products, and even have them delivered to our warehouse, while you concentrate on your Amazon seller account.

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