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3PL Guys offers a wide range of services to help with your storage, warehousing, and logistics needs.

Pallet Receiving

$15.00 per pallet

Receive your palletized goods

Container Unloading

24ft Container $400
40ft Container $800
45HQ Container $800

Unloading includes:
HT Pallets, Wrap, Unloading Labor, Inspection, SKU Separation

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$30 per month per pallet

Fixed rate, no long-term storage fees or other hidden charges.

Warehousing Software

$29.99 a month

Gain access to our uniquely developed warehouse management software, and mobile app to manage your inventory.

Carton Forwarding

$4.00 per box (up to 50 boxes)
$3.00 per box (51 or more boxes)

Forwarding of un-inspected boxes to Amazon.

Pallet Forwarding

$25.00 per pallet
$1.00 per label

Send your goods to amazon or third party facilities as a palletized shipment.


$5.00 per box

If you need to split your shipment to reduce the number of units in a box, reduce the weight of each box, or to replace damaged shipping box.


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Let us help you, arrange the shipping of your goods.

China inspection

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Inspect your goods overseas, and receive a report.

Standard Inspection

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Product count, handling, inspection of your goods for damage, photos, sample testing. Please contact us if you require extensive examination of every product.

Large Loose Carton Receiving (DDP)

Receive large lose Small Parcel Deliveries. Palletize goods, and store them in our warehouse.

$3.00 per carton


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Attaching FNSKU or Suffocation labels. Price of labels is included in the unit price. Custom labels can be applied, supplied by you.

Product assembly

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Packing in customer supplied polybags or bubble mailers. Please contact us if your job will have several steps, for an individualized quote.

Amazon Product Packing

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Building Flat Packed Product Boxes per Amazon Requirements. Attaching labels and performing the 3 foot drop test, required by Amazon.


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You will provide bundling material you wish to use to assemble your product bundle. We can also order these items for you, according to your specifications. Please contact us if it is a more complicated job, we will give you a more individualized quote.

Promotional Inserts

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Inserts of flyers, postcards, or promotional items. Provided by you.

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